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The Films

Ok, I'll be perfectly honest.... Not all of the titles here are actually films. But, for the first 20+ years, I worked exclusively on film, refusing to go video or digital until the quality and accessibility came up (also Kodak kind of forced my hand by halting production on Super-8 film).


What you see below is a representation of my projects I have done, on Super-8 and 16mm film, as well as digital formats. Some of these were projects that ended up being abandoned midway through, but everything included here has some representation whether it be finished product or just production photos. And over a dozen of the projects were completed and have had some sort of public exhibition.


So click on the individual art below (they will all eventually be active links) and take a look through my work... each page will have stories, photos and even some video clips. And it gives you a good idea of my creativity and how my mind works.

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