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Back Row- Jilly Idle, Karen Terrier, Shannon Lastowski, Jesse Martinez, Carrie D'Waay.

Front Row- Erik Larson, Faith Darling, Uncle Alice, Linda Larson, Craig Goding

DOOR MAT Chicago Premiere 2013

Uncle Alice, Christine Bouchard, Erik Larson, Faith Darling, Craig Goding

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Since the mid 1980s, I have brought my friends together to play dress up and make movies, in the best Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney spirit. Admittedly, our films may be more of the underground variety than fodder for major industry awards, but they have a spirit that is palpable. They breathe with love and camaraderie of a group of strangers who became the best of friends. The films have been a bonding experience for everyone involved, fondly looked upon as the time of our lives.


LarsErik Films is, more than anything, the story of friendships. It is about friends and family pulling together with the common purpose of creating art. Be it a motion picture, original song or photo shoot, the group gathers from wherever they are to make something memorable, and have a tremendous amount of fun in the process. The true testament to the fun is that the same people have flocked together over and over for decades each time a project comes up. And what a blast to share our art with a roomful of people who have cheered us on form the beginning. They are also part of our family, of our tribe.


Some of the people involved in our projects over the years have gone onto careers in show business, and some have remained quietly in the private sector with these films as a secret personal pride. This website is intended to celebrate every person involved in the films and their participation in something special, even if it is only special to us.


And the projects are not done yet. We have continued to get together in recent years, churning out original films and music. We will keep you up to date on our latest doings on this site as well. Our little online brag book, if you will.


For each and every person who has ever lent a hand, come to a screening or slapped a wig on their head over the past three and a half decades, this site is dedicated to you, with much love and a tremendous amount of gratitude.


Thank you all for so many great memories. Here’s to many more!


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